ahakalyanam movie review

Movie : AhaKalyanam
Cast & Crew : Nani,Vani Kappor,Simran
Director : A. Gokul Krishna
Producer : Aditya Chopra
Screenplay : Habib Faizal
Dailogues : Rajiv Rajaram
Story : Maneesh Sharma
Music : Dharan Kumar
Cinematography : Loganathan Srinivasan
Editing : Bavan Sreekumar
Studio : Yash Raj Films
Release date : February 21, 2014
Aaha Kalyanam is a remake of the 2010 Bollywood blockbuster Band Baaja Baaraat starring Ranveer Kapoor and Anushka Sharma.
UTV Motion Pictures were reported to have cast Massraja Ravi Teja and Trisha Krishnan in the Telugu version of the film titled Bamchikbam, but the studio later dismissed reports. Other reports suggested that Tamannaah would feature in a Tamil version of the film alongside a newcomer, but Yash Raj Films maintained that they had not sold the remake rights of the film and would produce South Indian versions of the film themselves. The Tamil and Telugu versions of the film were cast in doubt when Yash Raj Studios chose to pursue legal action against the makers of the Telugu film, Jabardasth, citing the film's plot was inspired directly from Band Baaja Baaraat. However, the producers maintained that a South Indian version would still go ahead.
Nani signed on to be the leading actor of the film in December 2012 and a photo shoot was held with actress Vaani Kapoor, who had appeared in Yash Raj Films' Hindi ventures, by March 2013. During the making of the film, Vaani Kapoor took training in Tamil and Telugu, while she also revealed that the original Hindi film's script would be adapted to suit the culture of the South Indian audience.
Shakthi (Nani) is a village boy, dreading the idea of returning to his father's farms after he graduates. Her runs into bright and ambitious Shruti (Vani Kapoor) and blarneys himself into her wedding planner business. First he has to promise not to be anything more than a friend, because she does not believe in mixing work with romance. Shruthi aim is to reach the posh wedding list and reach the standards created by Chandra (Simran). Their company Ghetti Mellam delivers great weddings each time and prospers, but Shruti breaks her own rule and falls for Shakthi, who is too confused to act. It results in a bitter break-up of the business. After this, the pace slows down, till the film reaches the inevitable end.
Nani did fabulous performances with mixing of his own dailogue delivery & with own comedy flow. He did his job at best, underplaying in many situations giving importance to other characters in the movie. He stands tall in comedy and romance scenes especially. Vani Kapoor is very charming with her smile and sizzled in the songs part. The only character which doesn't suit well to the script is Simran, she looks odd in her character. That too in limited shots she acted.
There are few scenes in the movie which can make you laugh. By the way, its an enjoyable experience towards the end credits. The supoorting characters has also excelled with their performances.
Technical Values
Screenplay and direction of this film is pretty normal. The director, needed to have more research to understand the pulse of youth before remaking a North Indian movie to South.
The music is by Dharan Kumar has proved his mettle with this music. The songs are a rage with young people and music lovers and topping the charts. The background score also adds strength to the script. Loganathan Srinivasan did the camera work, a great advantage for Aaha Kalyanam. The man in the lens has led his camera to the next level. Editing by Bavan Sreekumar should have been crispier as the film fails to reach the magical feel of Band Baaja Baaraat. Customes in the film could have been changed they could have atleast changed them for Nativity. Production Values of Yash Raj Productions are grand.
Lead Pairs (Nani,Vani) performances. Nani- Vani Kappor conversation in climax is one of highlight of this movie.
Nani with Vani: "Nevvu kodi mundante kode mundu... Lekapothe guddu mundante gudde Mundu ...."
"Nevvu intiki alasi poyi vasthe coffee pedtha... Alasi pokunda vasthe alasipoyela chestha".
Cinematography is good and apt for this movie.
Direction is major drawback especially in second half. Second Half Screenplay which leads to bore in parts. Too much Dragged Pre Climax.
Final Verdict
Remakes are never an easy task. It has to retain the flavour of the original and at the same time ensure that it suits the local audience for which it has been remade.
When makers of Jabardasth failed to provide YRF the credit I guess the temptation for producers is too hard to resist to prove its their product.
The first half of the film is okay and second half is dragged. One Thing have To Appreciate Hero Nani About His Story Selections & Acting Performance.
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